Welcome to Oxford Masjid

Welcome to a place of spiritual serenity! Immerse yourself in the essence of our Islamic community, steeped in profound tradition and inclusive hospitality. Explore, connect, and uncover the core of our faith-based sanctuary by visiting the masjid.

Supporting the Spiritual Journey: Donate to Empower our Community


Your donations serve as a cornerstone for the thriving Islamic community, ensuring our mosque remains a nurturing haven for those seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment.


Zakat is mandatory to all adult Muslims who earn a minimum amount of money each year known as nisab. It is a way to purify yourself & your wealth.


Sadaqa is the voluntary giving of alms or charity. Unlike obligatory forms of charity such as Zakat, Sadqa is a voluntary act and can be given in various forms.

Zakat ul-Fitr

Every wealthy Muslim is required to pay Zakat-ul-Fitr at the conclusion of the month of Ramadhan to show thankfulness for having enabled him to observe fasts.

Masjid Expense

Help sustain the mosque's operating expenses, maintain its facilities, and support the various religious and educational activities

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